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Spring is here -- need a permit for nest removal? 
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Services We Offer:

• Customized Goose Management Plans 

• Harassment                                                             

• Nest Removal

• Flight Control Plus Goose Repellent

• Landscape Modification

• Roundup and Relocation and more

  We can help solve your goose problem long-term -- not just for one season!

Canada Geese Love City Living Geese have no fear of vehicles or traffic.Urban areas, with their fertilized grassy areas, retention ponds and lack of natural predators, have become havens for Canada geese. Hoosiers live, work and play in the same areas where the geese like to live: residential housing areas, office parks, golf courses, playing fields.

As magnificent as Canada geese are to behold, the mess they leave behind isn’t. One goose produces between 1-2 lbs. of droppings a day. Multiply that by fifty or more birds. Yuck.

Based in Indianapolis, Geese Wranglers LLC helps central
Geese love the suburbs, too!Indiana businesses create a livable, environmentally-friendly balance between Hoosiers and Indiana’s resident Canada geese. Through their stalking behavior, our highly-trained herding dogs visually re-create a natural geese “predator” and can effectively cause them to take flight off land and water without harm.

Geese Wranglers can patrol your property at regular intervals to keep the geese away without chemicals, noise or disturbing the landscaping.

Call or
email us for a demonstration and an analysis of the goose problem on your property.

A Word about Goose Families, Goslings and Flightless Geese

Unlike dogs that only chase, our dogs have the herding skills and training to move geese families, including goslings, and flightless geese in a controlled and bird-safe manner to specific areas, as needed. Herding the birds is done at a walk with the dogs being under complete control of the handler at all times.

If you find an injured goose or other waterfowl, contact Providence Wildlife at 317-902-DUCK (3825).

Need a speaker for your club or organization?

Geese Wranglers is available to do presentations -- with or without dogs -- for groups. We have a PowerPoint presentation as well as a dog demo that gives an in-depth explanation about Canada geese problems in urban areas and shows how dogs are used in goose control. Call 317-709-2362 or email Kathy for more information.