Geese Wranglers LLC


!Head Wrangler & Hired Hand Boss

Kathy P
etreré, Head Wrangler & Hired Hand Boss
With a decidedly urban upbringing (native Detroiter), Kathy started Geese Wranglers to combine her love of working and training dogs with the realities of city living. She keeps the dogs busy in their "spare time" with herding, search and rescue, Frisbee, mushing and pet therapy, among other things.

The 4-Legged Hired Hands(and don't forget The Retirees!)         
Asa will work anything that moves, but chickens are among his favorites.  Hired Hand Asacame to Geese Wranglers from a Virginia cattle operation. At 12 weeks of age, he came off the plane and wanted to work ducks. We knew he was a keeper! His specialty is herding aggressive geese off of nests and rounding up wayward goslings and ducklings in courtyards.
Vegas  Hired Hand Vegas is our power swimmer and gentle geese mover. Despite his name, he hails from Virginia and comes from a long line of talented sheepdogs. The dog loves to hurl himself into the water and make a splash so the geese know he's coming! When he retires, Vegas wants to be a Dock Diving Dog.
Vegas is polite even to the crankiest of geese. 
  Hired Hand Gem, CGC, is the daughter of Moss and Speck and a workaholic. Whether on an outrun or swimming in a lake after the geese, she's FAST. At 10 years old, Gem's youthful demeanor and speed belie her age. She has NO plans to retire...ever.  

Rooftop Wrangler Flower Power, CGC, leaves the herding to the Big Dogs. At 11 lbs. soaking wet, JRT Flower Power can fit in a backpack and go on a roof to harrass geese She is the definition of Small, But Mighty -- it's all about presence! Flower is one of our Nuisance Wildlife dogs and loves to hunt.


The Retirees
 Chick is an Australian Shepherd. Hired Hand Chick, CGC, is an Australian Shepherd who born right here. Several years ago Chick contracted Blastomycosis, a deadly fungal disease that kills many dogs.Tough to the bone, Chick is still fighting the disease. The Blasto took her eyesight and she was forced into retirement. It has been a devastating loss for all concerned (except the geese). She still co-pilots the kayak when possible, though!
Herding ducklings each spring is part of the dogs' training. It teaches them to have patience with babies who don't herd very well!
 Moss is the most experienced dog at Geese Wranglers and keeps the others in line!
Hired Hand MossCGC, at 14 years old, is enjoying his well-deserved retirement (although he'd rather be working!). Despite his age, this guy can still clear five acres full of geese in about 30 seconds (we timed it!). He has been -- and continues to be -- an awesome working partner when he does help out. There's no cranky in this old man!

 Speck's nickname was The Pickle...because she could be one! Hired Hand Speck, CGC, is a Border Collie and one of our foundation dogs. You might recognize her from our logo! She's a talented sheepdog and has a gorgeous 'round-the-pond outrun. Speck loves people almost as much as herding (*almost*). She's a stylish worker and transplanted Canuck -- no wonder she works "Canada" geese like a veteran, eh? Due to late-onset hearing loss, Speck has been retired from goose work. We lost Speck in to cancer in September 2010. She was an amazing teacher and working partner, and is sorely missed.
 A talented sheepdog, Speck rounded up all of these Canada Goose Beanie Babies. :-)
 Overseeing the release of rounded up geese during the summer.
Speck loved herding her personal ducks.  
 Geese were not happy when Speck would ask them to move.

Nunzi was our first goosedog. We couldn't have opened our doors without him. Nunzi (mostly) retired in 2011.
Hired Hand Nunzi, CGC, is an Australian Shepherd who comes from a long line of working dogs and is a descendant of a famous rodeo trick dog. Nunzi is our go-to dog because he is so versatile. He saved many an RC boat from being lost. Now retired, he still helps find nests in the spring and is still the best! Nunzi crossed over the Rainbow Bridge at the end of October 2013. He was our original goosedog and my best friend. There will never be another dog like him.  Watching a family paddle around.
 Watching over our gear at a FEMA Disaster training.  Dog Bless America!  Nunzi is a kind duckling herder. He is patient with them when they don't stick together.