Geese Wranglers LLC


Asa moving two aggressive geese away from a building.Because each situation is different, we don't have one-size-fits-all pricing. One property may need on-call patrols, another may need several months of regular visits. We customize a goose management programs based on your needs, not ours. To determine a rate, we will come out to your property and assess:

The size of the property you want patrolled
The number and size of the ponds
The current average number of geese
How many geese, if any, you can to live with

Once we have a clear picture, we will put together a plan to keep your property goose-free.

mail or call us at 317-709-2362 to set up a free demo and a needs assessment.

Asa is our Master Goose Herder.
He can quietly deal with the nastiest
of geese without losing his cool. He
our go-to dog for rounding up wayward
goslings and ducklings, too.

Gem's a speed demon -- she clears fields FAST!

Gem (right) is a speed demon. She clears fields full of geese FAST!