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Video Clips of the Geese Wranglers in Action
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Speck Working a Gaggle
Busy Street 100 Geese

Our goal is to help central Indiana create an environmentally-friendly balance between Hoosiers and Indiana’s resident Canada geese.

Urban areas have become havens for geese because they provide a dream home for the federally-protected birds:

  • Large, well-kept grassy areas
  • Young shoots of fertilized grass (their favorite!)
  • Lovely, predator-free, retention ponds with easy, walk-down access
  • Nature-starved urbanites who take great joy in feeding geese

Remove all natural predators, like wolves, coyotes and foxes, and voilà! You have a Canada goose problem. All these things contribute to the increasing numbers of Canada geese in our cities and suburbs. They no longer fear people like their migratory cousins, can become aggressive during nesting season and, quite frankly, they have no reason to leave their comfortable living areas.

Until the Geese Wranglers begin patrolling.

Our "Hired Hands" are trained herding dogs who use their herding skills to harass Canada geese off both land and water. The geese see the dog as predators and sometimes just the quiet, intense stare of a dog is enough to get the geese moving!

Any dog can chase geese into the water. A significant key to geese management using dogs is getting the geese to fly off the property or to another, more suitable, location -- not just get back into the pond. Our Hired Hands are strong swimmers and will stay in the water until the geese have flown away. Watch the video to see Nunzi swim off a flock, including those behind him in the water, who lift off after the others.

All this without ever touching or harming a single goose.

Our clients can still enjoy non-nuisance wildlife in their ponds while reducing the number of geese. Other wildlife is left alone; it’s common to see the ducks stick around while the geese take to the skies.