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K-9 Community Service

Therapy Dogs InternationalCertified Therapy Dogs
Nunzi, Moss, Chick and Flower Power are certified through the Therapy Dogs International and work primarily with children, many of whom have disabilities. They do library reading programs and teach children about caring for pets. All four dogs are available for therapeutic visits -- just email Kathy to get the particulars!

Dead On K9s Human Remains Detection Search Dogs - Human Remains Detection
We continue our efforts working with law enforcement to locate missing people presumed deceased. The dogs are trained and able to sniff out a single drop of blood, teeth, bones, an entire body and everything in between. The dogs have worked a variety of scenes, from woods to water, buried on land to buried in concrete, and in buildings reduced to ashes by fire. They have multiple finds to their credit. Dead On K9s also provides open HRD training opportunities for anyone working in SAR or with an interest in training an HRD dog. For more information, contact Kathy or visit Facebook.

Search and Rescue
After ten years of service, we have retired from IN-TF1. It was an honor and privilege to serve on this great team. In one of their other volunteer jobs, the dogs work in Search and Rescue. Nunzi, Moss and Chick are FEMA-Certified Disaster Dogs with Indiana Task Force One (IN-TF1). They are deployed to disasters of all types, including hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes. Locally, several missions the dogs were sent to included the Evansville Tornado, the tornado on the east side of Indianapolis a few years ago, and in 2012, to Henryville to search the debris for survivors.

Kathy, Nunzi, Moss and Chick also work locally through Wayne Township Fire Search and Rescue. They are deployed for Human Remains Detection, Urban and Wilderness searches. To date, they have successfully located five missing people.

The dogs train for SAR several times between goose runs. :-)

Our Favorite Animal Rescue Links

We help out with rescue, transport and foster care when we can.

Providence Wildlife Rehabilitation

IndyCLAW Animal Rescue

Southside Animal Shelter


Australian Shepherd Rescue

Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue